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Some of our Recent Additions

14mm Dice x 24 Retail Packed PINK / white
14mm Dice x 24 Retail Packed ORANGE / white
14mm Dice x 24 Retail Packed PURPLE / white
14mm Dice x 24 Retail Packed IVORY / black
14mm Dice x 24 Retail Packed YELLOW / black
14mm Dice x 24 Retail Packed GREEN / white


Our list of Barcodes is available here:

This list contains our Official GS1 Barcodes, Stock Names, Details, Stock Code etc. You can use this as a reference to ensure you list the correct barcodes against the correct items.

Please note that the LegendDice and LegendGames names and galaxy swirl logos are Registered Trademarks and may not be used without permission. Please do NOT change any details of product names, stock codes, brands etc when listing these items.

Amazon listings must all be made under the same item page - do NOT make multiple pages for the same item.

Ebay listings should use our EAN and MPN.

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