Wholesale distribution of Dice and Counters - Trade and Wholesale Counters

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Plastic counters in two common sizes - 15mm and 22mm. These are Opaque Plastic counters. Ideal for schools. Often used as reward tokens. Multiples of 100 but bagged by total number in each colour. I.E. order 10 sets of white 22mm, and 5 sets of black 22mm you get a bag 1000 white and a bag of 500 black. Or possbily 2 bags of 500 white! you will NOT get 10 bags of 100! Also note we ship by volume so you will get a MINIMUM of 100 per item. Please also note that these counters can be quite matt or glossy. they are not mixed up, but you will get either glossy or matt finish depending on stock. From now on, we are buying in only GLOSS finish so the matt ones will faze out as we sell them.

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