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SPECIAL OFFER - 1kg OPAQUE poly dice mixed refill
SPECIAL OFFER -  1kg OPAQUE poly dice mixed refill
SPECIAL OFFER - Pick and Mix jar with 1kg OPAQUE poly dice mixed
SPECIAL OFFER - Pick and Mix jar with 1kg OPAQUE poly dice mixed
SPECIAL OFFER - MDF Bulk Retail Pack
SPECIAL OFFER - MDF Bulk Retail Pack
GEEK RETREAT Special Offer
GEEK RETREAT Special Offer
SPECIAL OFFER Villers Bocage FoW gaming mats
SPECIAL OFFER Villers Bocage FoW gaming mats
SPECIAL OFFER - LegendGames Resin Bases - NINE random sets
SPECIAL OFFER - LegendGames Resin Bases - NINE random sets

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping More

Sorry, we are no longer offering a standard drop shipping service, however we are happy to drop ship the odd small order direct to your customer to get you out of a sticky situation where you've run out of stock.

SO... if you find yourself stuck for stock and need an small order shipped direct to a customer, we can do that for you. Just contact us with your delivery details, we'll confirmt he price and take it from there. You will pay the usual undiscounted price for the item shipped, plus post and packing at roughly cost price. We do not put any TradeDice branding on the pack, your customer will see only your packing slip.

Want More? We could offer you a bespoke Drop Shipping service, but we dont run one as standard. Get in touch if you need to.

Drop Shipping SCAMS

For those of you selling on Amazon, please be aware of unscrupulous Drop Shippers who buy your item, get it shipped to a third party (genuine customer) but then raise a false claim on Amazon saying Item Not Delivered, or Damaged etc. They claim back the cost from you, and invariably, even with tracking, Amazon refund them.

Gererally they will contact you as a seller asking for all price tags and paperwork to be removed from the order as its a 'gift' - oh and they will offer 5* feedback too.

Don't fall for it. They never leave feedback, and they often go down the INR route.

Unfortunately, if you just cancel the order, your selling metrics will take a hit, so we've been advised by Amazon to report the buyer / transation via the seller centre, and ask for the order to be cancelled by Amazon.

There is a Chrome Plugin thats very useful for highlighting words on a web page - its called
and it allows you to make a database of words, and it will highlight those words on the webpage you are looking at in bright colours - I've added the drop shipper usernames to my list, and if they make an order, their name is lit up in bright red! I've also set it to highlight Expedited shipping in bright blue!

There is more on this app on the Amazon Seller Forums - search for Drop Shippers threads to get more info.

Known Drop Shipper usernames

These Drop Shipper user names have been used to make fraudulent A-Z and INR claims:

Fredric Holtzman
N Dag Kayzer
Jhon Mallon
KIng David
Orit Shimi
Joseph Manuel
Numbers Lebrun
Laura McRae
G Michaelas
fatima bhutta
Sumaya Qirbee
Lavender da Costa Fernandes
Frank Murphy
mrs b a schofield
Claire Lane
Tara Dickert
John Stratton
Charles Miller

they use ebay accounts such as:

These Drop SHippers are GOOD GUYS:

Drop Shipping - What Is It?

Drop Shipping - What Is It? More

Drop Shipping is a business model that allows small companies to utilise the buying power, efficiency, stock levels and bulk shipping cost savings of a bigger specialist company.

You simply list our products, and send us any resulting orders. We pick, pack and ship those orders on your behalf. We bill you an agreed price for every order.

This means you do nopt have to buy stock, packaging, postage etc up front. It means you can trade without any physical stock, reducing or negating any business overheads.

If you really want us to drop ship for you, please get in touch and we can sort something out. We CAN act as a drop shipper for your dice and counters orders, we're just not really set up to do it efficiently our end. If you want us to fulfill your orders direct from our warehouse, please get in touch. Your orders will be shipped under your trading name, with no mention of TradeDice (or any of our other brands such as Legendgames). We can include either your address for returns, or our address, but still under YOUR business name. At no time will your customer know that TradeDice are fullfilling the order. We will not approach your customers ourselves either. Costs can be discussed on application. Drop shipping allows you to trade with zero (or low) stock inventory levels and frees you from having to process, pick, pack and ship your orders.

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