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Selling on E-Bay and Amazon

Selling on E-Bay and Amazon More

TradeDice can supply dice and counters to e-commerce sellers who do not have a physical store front. We do not limit our customers to bricks and mortar stores, unlike some wholesalers.

If you want to sell our product lines on any e-commerce platform, from the big players like Amazon and E-Bay to your own niche website, then please fill in our Trade Application Form to apply for a trade account.

Our stock is competatively priced so even with Amazon and E-Bay selling fees, you can be sure of a good profit.

We sell direct on Amazon and E-Bay under the Legendgames store front, so clearly you will be wondering how you can beat us on price.... We tend to sell at a higher price than most of our customers. We'd rather sell direct to YOU in bulk than to hundreds of individuals.

Although we do use re-pricing solftware, we try to ensure that our trade customers are not being undercut. For regular customers, we can ensure we do not price match against your listings - get in touch if you need to. To keep your profitability up, we therefore set our pricing on the high side - For example ( correct as of 12/05/2016 ) our Amazon pricing for Oblivion, Blitz and Toxic poly dice sets is set between £3.49-£4.99 inc VAT and Delivery. Our customers are selling at whatever price they wish, but generally lower than us, resulting in more sales for them.

We also offer a drop shipping service for Amazon and E-Bay sellers - contact us to negotiate a great deal!

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