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Some of our Recent Additions

Barrel Pack One - to be finalized
Barrel Pack Three - to be finalized
Barrel Pack Two - to be finalized
Lava Base Pack - to be finalized
Mixed Base Pack - to be finalized
Tree stump scatter terrain pack of 6

Trade and Wholesale suppliers of Dice, Counters and Table Top Games

Trade and Wholesale suppliers of Dice, Counters and Table Top Games More

Global Trade and Wholesale dice and counter distribution and supplier to the trade, retail and e-commerce sellers.

NEW! - Official Trade Distributor for Battlefront / Gale Force 9 ranges including Battlefield in a Box, D&D Spell Cards, TANKS! and Flames of War.

As trade distributers, TradeDice do not sell directly to the public. We only supply WHOLESALE to trade customers - that is, only to retailers, both Bricks and Mortar stores and online sellers.

We are now able to supply stock globally, - currently we have international customers from accross Europe and as far away as Canada and New Zealand.

If you are a retail customer and you are dissapointed you cant buy these dice from us without a trade account, why not ask your local games shop to consider stocking our ranges - send them this web addrerss:

Trade Distribution

We are official distributors for a number of well known brands including Battlefront, Gale Force 9, HD Dice and others. If you would like us to distribute your products, please get in touch.


Kickstarter Fulfillment

Are you running a Kickstarter with UK and EU customers? Are you looking for an EU based fulfillment partner? We can take delivery of your KS merchandise direct from your manufacturer and ship on to your UK and EU backers.


eBay and Amazon

TradeDice can supply dice and counters to E-Bay and Amazon sellers. You don't need a physical store. Our stock is competatively priced so even with Amazon and E-Bay selling fees, you can be sure of a good profit.


Pricing and Discounts

Apply for an account to access pricing. Discounts are applied to most items, but not all. Where we can't offer a discount, we try to make that clear on the website. Discounts are automatically added as you increase your order and work on a total sales value system.


Drop Shipping

If you find yourself stuck for stock and need an small order shipped direct to a customer, we can do that for you. Just contact us with your delivery details, we'll confirm the price and take it from there.


Web Hosting and Design

If you are setting up a new website or want to discuss web hosting and web design, we can offer some great options via our Partner Companies.


Further Information

TradeDice is a website owned and run by Solis Infotech Limited

You can only get access to our pricing if you apply for an account. Once accepted, you will be able to see our pricing and order anything we have.

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