Our Frequently Answered Questions:

  • Who do you supply? We only supply validated trade partners, we do not sell direct to end customers.
  • How can I get an account? Apply for a trade account via our account application form.
  • Who can apply? Any legitimate retail company can apply. We sell to Bricks and Mortar stores, Online sellers using Amazon, Etsy, Ebay etc, Convention sellers, Large Clubs and similar organisations.
  • Do you Dropship? No we do not drop ship. If you want to sell our product, you need to purchase it and ship it yourself.
  • Is there a Minimum Order? No, you can order as little as you want or need. 
  • What are your UK Shipping Costs? We charge £10 for any UK order under £50 ex VAT, free in the UK over that. You can also pay £15 for 'expedited' shipping in the UK - we ship Next Day on full invoice payment.
  • What are your International Shipping costs? International orders are shipped at Cost using Fedex, ParcelForce, UPS or similar couriers.
  • Are there discounts? Not directly, but we do offer customer-based pricing so depending on your purchase history, speed of payment and other factors, you may get preferential pricing on some items.