Our Frequently Answered Questions:

  • Who do you supply? We only supply validated trade partners, we do not sell direct to end customers.
  • How can I get an account? Apply for a trade account via our account application form.
  • Who can apply? Any legitimate retail company can apply. We sell to Bricks and Mortar stores, Online sellers using Amazon, Etsy, Ebay etc, Convention sellers, Large Clubs and similar organisations.
  • Do you Dropship? No we do not drop ship. If you want to sell our product, you need to purchase it and ship it yourself.
  • Is there a Minimum Order? No, you can order as little as you want or need. 
  • What are your UK Shipping Costs? We charge £10 for any UK order under £50 ex VAT, free in the UK over that. You can also pay £15 for 'expedited' shipping in the UK - we ship Next Day on full invoice payment.
  • What are your International Shipping costs? International orders are shipped at Cost using Fedex, ParcelForce, UPS or similar couriers.
  • Are there discounts? Not directly, but we do offer customer-based pricing so depending on your purchase history, speed of payment and other factors, you may get preferential pricing on some items.
  • Can I Place Back-Orders? No! we do not take back-orders for out of stock products because sometimes these are hard to source or no longer in production. You can us the 'Notify Me' option for OOS products and our system will notify you when the item is restocked.
  • Why is VAT not always 20% of NET? This system uses the 'Item Based' VAT method as detailed in the HMRC VAT guidance, found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-guide-notice-700. Part 17.5 deals with the calculation of VAT on invoices. Our system follows the guidance from 17.5.2, calculating VAT per unit or article, using the second option where VAT is rounded to the nearest 1p. This means when the platform calculates the VAT, net and gross amounts for a product, it is done so on an individual unit (quantity of 1) for that product. The line item (i.e. multiple quantities of the same product) and the order total as a whole are not looked at.